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Tonias / Zinov'ev / Medvedev / Skarlato (eds)

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Tonias / Zinov'ev / Medvedev / Skarlato (eds)   1994

Zhelochovtsev, Tobias & Kozlov: Keys to the Insects of the European part of USSR: Vol. III part 6: Symphyta

432 S., Bibliography. 88 citations, 217 illustrations, Text englisch. Sonderangebot, statt 227,- €
Part VI of Keys to the Insects of the European Part of the USSR covers the suborder Symphyta of the phytophagous Hymenoptera (sawflies and woodwasps), small superfamilies Trigonaloidea, Stephanoidea, Evanioidea of parasitic Apocrita, and the family Paxilommatidae of the superfamily Ichneumonoidea. Identification keys are provided for 18 families, 123 genera and over 900 species which include a large number of economically important species — the pests of agricultural crops and timber as well as entomophages. A brief outline of morphology and biology, synonymy and geographic distribution is given for each family and genus and the known host-plants are indicated for every species. Three species have been described for the first time and 12 new subgenera have been separated.