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Floren & Schmidl (eds)

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Floren & Schmidl (eds)   2008

Canopy Arthropod Research in Europe - basic and applied studies from the high frontier.

Floren & Schmidl (eds) 2008: Canopy Arthropod Research in Europe - basic and applied studies from the high frontier. Edited by Andreas Floren (Univ. Würzburg) & Jürgen Schmidl (Univ. Erlangen-Nuremberg). Foreword by K.E. Linsenmair, University of Würzburg, Dep. of Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology
Softcover, 576 pp., ISBN 978-3-935654-01-2, price € 49,90
* Contributors: U. Ammer, R. Asshoff, J. Bail, R. Bolz, H. Bussler, M. Dolek, K. vdDunk, A. Floren, M. Gossner, I. Gierde, A. Gruppe, W. Güthler, H. Hacker, D.V. Hagan, A. Häusler, K. Horstmann, P.J. Horchler, C. Kampichler, S. Keel, C. Körner, A. Liegl, K.E. Linsenmair, R. Market, A. Mitchell, W. Morawetz, J. Müller, H. Nickel, S. Otto, C. Rüther, J. Schmidl, U. Simon, O. Schmidt, B. Seifert, R. Siegwolf, S. Sobek, P. Sprick, A. Stark, H. Stark, R. Szadziewski, H. Walentowski and G. Weigmann
* Aims & Scope: In contrast to tropical ecosystems, in temperate zones the importance of canopy ecology is underestimated and underrepresented in science projects. Recent surveys and studies show that also in temperate forest canopies a diverse arthropod fauna exists, containing specialized and endangered species and even species new to science. Species and guild compositions of canopy arthropods in European forests are not yet described sufficiently, and many functional aspects of temperate forests still are not understood or studied.
The present volume tries to reduce this gap by summarizing studies and papers dealing with canopy arthropods in Europe. Aspects of diversity, function, structure and dynamics of canopy arthropod as well as aspects of nature conservation and transmission of scientific results into forestry and management practice are central aims of this book.
* Contents & Chapters: Foreword * Introduction * General forest ecological aspects * Arthropod diversity, guilds and structure related communities * Stratification and distribution of arthropods in tree habitats * Anthropogenic and natural disturbance structuring arthropod communities * Canopy research and its impact on forestry and nature protection practice.
* Articles see via flyer download: Floren & Schmidl Canopy arthropods.pdf