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Weigmann G

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Weigmann G   2006

Die Tierwelt Deutschlands 76. Teil: Hornmilben (Oribatida).

520 S., 234 Abb.-gruppen, 8 Taf. mit REM-Photos. Includes a Family Key in English.
The last complete textbook of oribatid mites from Germany is 75 years old (Willmann 1931). This contribution deals with the identification of oribatid mites (Acari: Oribatida) of Germany and the adjacent regions of the neighbouring countries. The keys comprise 84 families with more than 190 genera. About 520 species from German areas are described for which chorological and ecological data are given. Altogether about 620 species are treated including those which have been found up to now in the adjacent regions, only.
The keys are illustrated by 234 tables with informative line drawings. The appendix presents a family key in English, additionally. The book is essential for taxonomists and ecologists dealing with Centraleuropean oribatid mites.