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Konstantinov, Tishechkin & Penev (edit)

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Konstantinov, Tishechkin & Penev (edit)   2005

Contributions to Systematics and Biology of Beetles.

Konstantinov, Tishechkin & Penev (edit) 2005: Contributions to Systematics and Biology of Beetles. 16,5x24cm, in English, Hdb, 450pp. Papers celebrating the 80th birthday of Igor Konstantinovich Lopatin. Collection of 30 papers, list of publications of I.K.Lopatin, list of species described by him, numerous graphs, photos, drawings. Contents: Preface - Introduction - Igor Konstantinovich Lopatin - 1. TAXONOMY AND BIOLOGY OF CHRYSOMELIDAE - Chaetocnema conducta (Motschulsky) and its Kindred Species in the Afrotropical Region, with Description of C. lopatini, a New Species from Central Africa (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Alticinae) by M. Biondi and P. D'Alessandro - Leaf Beetles (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) of the West and Southwest Facing Slopes in the Israeli Part of the Hermon Mountains - by V. Chikatunov and T. Pavlieek - Notes on the Genus Strumatophyma Baly with the Description of a New Species, etc.