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Bouchard, Bousquet et al.

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Bouchard, Bousquet et al.   2011

Family-Group Names in Coleoptera.

Bouchard, Bousquet et al. 2011: Family-Group Names in Coleoptera. Sonderpreis statt 130 €,
972 pp., hardcover. A dedicated team of coleopterists from around the globe have collaborated in a comprehensive review of what is known about the higher classification and nomenclature of beetles, producing a complete catalogue of the nearly 5000 known extant and fossil family-group names for the first time. The data are presented in a classification framework and the publication dates are given for the majority of the more than 2500 references cited, in order to assess both availability and priority of the names.
Although some nomenclatural problems will still need to be addressed in the future, this monograph, the largest of its kind in the zoological literature, will hopefully go a long way towards achieving the long-term stability of names used in beetle higher classification.